Grass that is thriving requires more nutrients from the soil than are naturally replenished in the Greater Houston Area. Between irrigation, crowded trees, contained landscaping, and our extreme Houston climate we often find our turf in need of some additional help. This is where regular lawn supplementation becomes a necessity to replace these vital nutrients to help create a healthy, growing, green lawn and to stay ahead of weed pressures, insects, and diseases.

Every lawn is different, there is no one size fits all when it comes to fertilization and weed control in the Greater Houston Area and often times store bought fertilizers just don’t cut it. Our program is built with flexibility in mind, so you don’t get stuck paying for something your lawn doesn’t need. Our licensed technicians are able to identify problems that occur, offer insight on mowing, watering instructions, and adjust your treatments to meet your lawns specific needs.

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How We Operate

Applications will be completed following the estimated program schedule, however this schedule is just a rough guide and in extreme circumstances with weather or temperature these dates might be altered. Additional program, follow ups and corrective applications may be made outside of the programs schedule.


Aside from being able to contact us at any time here’s what you can expect with communication in regards to Fertilization & Weed Control.

The day before the date of service you we will provide you with a upcoming service reminder phone call and/or email to let you know we will be on property the following day. Immediately after the application you will receive a “After Application Information Notice” or “A.A.I.N” email , this email will include what application was applied and its purpose, what if anything we need you to do to ensure the success of the application, and any notes we noticed while servicing your lawn. After the application we will also place a lawn sign in the lawn to notify you and others that something was applied to the lawn. Once a month you will receive a easy-fill survey regarding your Fertilization & Weed Control applications.


We make payment easy by placing your card securely on file and invoicing your current payment. Before your card payment is processed we will email you your invoice, after your invoice has been emailed we will proceed with charging your card on file following your chosen payment method.

We offer two billing options:

Balance Billing:
We take the estimated average of services and balance the cost out into 12 easy monthly installments.

Pay Per Service:
Upon completion of the service you will be invoiced and billed the following day in full.


Our team members are trained to follow our Triple Gate Check Process ensuring your gate will always be closed and locked upon completion of your lawn service, keeping your home and furry friends are secure. When it comes to gates that are locked we asked you provide us with a combination lock and code for our team members to use, we will not be responsible for separate lock keys. We can also provide you with a combination lock and add the cost to your first invoice.


When you sign up you will be added into the current round of applications. Before the date of service will we provide you with a upcoming service reminder phone call and/or email to let you know we will be on your property the following day.

Turf Maintenance in Houston

Turf Maintenance (PH8): 8 applications

Our (PH8) Turf Builder program is built for Houston in mind providing your lawn with the fundamental fertility and broadleaf weed control required for most lawns in the Greater Houston Area at a affordable fair price with guaranteed results. Our (PH8) Turf Builder Program is a hybrid program that’s focused on building both healthy grass and healthy soils (root & shoot growth). Our recipe for success is rather simple – Healthy soils grow strong deep roots. Strong deep roots grow, thick green weed free grass that’s more resistant to insects and diseases.

  • Round 1: Soil Enhancement, January – February
    We start the year out with our Soil Enhancer application that contains a broad spectrum of nutrients and trace elements to create superior soil biology and increase root growth while helping to balance the soil PH. Soil enhancer to create superior soil biology and increase root growth We will spot treat all broadleaf weeds as necessary.
    • Soil enhancer to create superior soil biology and increase root growth
    • We will spot treat all broadleaf weeds as necessary

  • Round 2: Revitalization & Pre-emergent Weed Barrier, February – March
    Our Revitalization & Pre-emergent weed barrier application contains a mixture of micro and macro nutrients in conjunction with a Pre-emergent weed barrier to help control crabgrass and broadleaf weeds.
    • Fertilization will contain a combination of quick and slow-release fertilization
    • Pre-emergent weed barrier is applied to Bermuda lawns (excludes St. Augustine & Zoysia Lawns)
    • We will spot treat all broadleaf weeds as necessary

  • Round 3: Spring Wake Up, March – April
    Spring is here and now is the perfect time to feed the lawn and promote spring growth, we apply a slow release fertilizer to promote a long lasting green color.
    • Combination of quick and slow-release fertilizer to provide fast and long-lasting green color
    • We spot treat all broadleaf weeds as necessary

  • Round 4: Summer Stress Reliever & Pre-emergent Weed Barrier, April – June
    This application contains organic fertilization to combat drought and heat stress while providing required nutrients to sustain a healthy lawn throughout the summer. In addition to the fertilization a Pre-emergent weed barrier will be applied to help control summer annual grassy & broadleaf weeds.
    • Slow-release organic fertilization
    • A second Pre-emergent
    • We spot treat all broadleaf weeds as necessary

  • Round 5: Summer Rejuvenation, June – July
    This application contains a slow-release fertilizer that helps the grass uptake nutrients at a steadier rate, minimizing surge growth and providing a more consistent nutrition for your lawn.
    • Slow-release fertilization
    • Minimal surge growth to aid with following the 1/3 mowing rule
    • We spot treat all broadleaf weeds as necessary

  • Round 6: Summer Recover, July – August
    This application contains a slow-release organic fertilizer that helps sustain soil microbial activity and provide nutrients to the lawn at a steady rate helping your lawn recover from our harsh Greater Houston Heat.
    • Slow-release organic fertilization
    • Minimal surge growth
    • Organic matter to sustain vital soil microbial
    • We spot treat all broadleaf weeds as necessary

  • Round 7: Winterization & Pre-emergent Weed Barrier, September – November)
    This application provides your lawn with a lower nitrogen and higher potassium fertilization loaded with micro nutrients to help prepare your lawn for dormancy and build protection against incoming cooler temperatures. In addition to fertilization we will apply a Pre-emergent weed barrier on all turf types to drastically minimize the weed activity that next spring.
    • Low nitrogen – High Potassium fertilization to prepare your lawn for dormancy
    • Pre-emergent weed barrier to help with winter weed prevention
    • We will spot treat all broadleaf weeds as necessary

  • Round 8: Winter Soil Enhancer, November – December
    Our Winter Soil Enhancer contains sulfur, potassium and our soil enhancer loaded with a broad spectrum of nutrients and trace elements to create superior soil biology and increase root growth. Sulfur as a elemental soil amendment acts as a key to open up nutritional uptake of micro nutrients locked up in the soil by reducing soil alkalinity found in heavy clay soils in our Greater Houston Area.
    • Elemental sulfur to increase nutritional uptake by reducing soil alkalinity
    • Potassium to reduce fall dormancy damage and promote quicker spring recovery
    • Soil enhancer to create superior soil biology and increase root growth
    • We will treat all broadleaf weeds as necessary

Interested in Fertilization & Weed?

Turf Builder in Houston

(PH8) Turf Builder – A la Carte Services

Our A la Carte services are add-ons to our base fertility and weed control program (PH8) Turf Builder. Why are these services not already included in our program you might ask? We know add-ons or extras can be annoying however, we offer them separate to ensure our program is fair to you. Yes, these issues are very common in the Greater Houston Area, and we would highly recommend for most lawns, but they are not always present in every lawn. This additional layer of program flexibility ensures your not stuck paying for services you may not need or want, and provides you the freedom to add at your discretion.

  • Grub & Insect Control (April – May)
    This application will help control white grubs and soft-bodied insects like chinch bugs, sod webworms & armyworms. These insects will wreak havoc on your lawn if gone unchecked and often times when you notice the damage it’s far too late. Grubs, in particular, are a very damaging insect that if allowed will feast on the root system of your lawn removing all ability for your grass to uptake nutrients or water. Once the root system is destroyed often times there is nothing that can be done to recover the grass outside of new sod installation. We recommend a preventative approach when dealing with extremely destructive insects.

  • Brown Patch Control (September – November)
    With our wet humid weather in the Greater Houston during the fall season, brown patch is very common for our St. Augustine grasses and if you had brown patch last fall you are most likely to get it again this fall due to its soil fungal activity. Brown patch appears as a circular pattern of brown grass with a yellow/orangeish colored ring of wilting green grass. Once this happens there is nothing that can be done treatment wise until spring to aesthetically improve the turf but, we can make treatments to stop the fungus from spread to the rest of the lawn. We recommend preventative treatments for Brown Patch to preserve the aesthetics of your lawn.

  • Fire Fire Ant Control
    Fire ants, we have all had a run in with fire ants before … they are notorious for their poisonous sting. Their very name suggests how fiery their bite can be and even lethal for some who are very sensitive to their poison. The swelling or mark caused by their bite will cause a itching sensation that continues for a extended period of time. They can create extensive landscape damage through their continual mounding. We treat fire ants via multiple bait treatments or long lasting contact application.

Interested in Our Weed Control?

Additional Fertilization & Weed Control Services

  • Preventative Fungicide: This treatment prevents damage caused by turf diseases.
  • Curative Fungicide: When a preventative fungicide treatment was not applied, and disease develops, this treatment will stop further damage.
  • Curative Insecticide: When large populations of turf insects or hard-bodied insects are present additional applications may be required to control them.
  • Red Fire Ant Control: This treatment will control Red imported fire ants through broadcast or baited applications.
  • Grassy Weed Control: This treatment cannot be applied to all grass types and not all grassy weeds should or can be treated through post emergence measures.
  • Flowerbed Pre-emergent: This treatment consists of a Pre-emergent weed barrier application to help prevent emergence of new weeds.

How CLS Fertilization & Weed Control Different?

  • Licensed Applicators: All Applicators are Licensed through the Texas Department of Agriculture. Most companies allow applicators to apply under a managers License instead of requiring them to go through the proper training to obtain their own license!
  • Hybrid Program: All of our programs focus on BOTH soil building and root/shoot growth. Most of our competitors provide you with only synthetic shoot growth.
  • ID & Adapt: All our applicators are trained and able to read your lawn, allowing us to identify problems and provide insight. This also adds a layer of customization to your program.
  • Professional Products: Due to our licensing through the Texas Department of Agriculture, we have access to products that cannot be found in big box stores. These products provide you with top notch results that your store bought products just can’t match.
  • Program Flexibility: Our program is separated into 2 parts – First, (PH8) Turf Builder, providing your lawn with the base nutrition and weed control required for our Greater Houston Area. Second, our A la Carte services (Grub & Insect Control, Nutsedge & Kyllinga Control, Brown Patch Control, & Red Fire Ant Control) that can be added to your program depending on your specific needs. This is great for you because your not stuck paying for treatments your lawn doesn’t need.

Looking for more help for your lawn? CLS Lawn Care also offers landscape design and installation, seasonal maintenance, irrigation and drainage, aeration, and mowing. Our team is active throughout northwestern Houston including Cypress, Jersey Village, and the Greater Houston area. Contact us today or call (832) 554-9811 for a free estimate.