This is Houston Texas … it gets freaking hot here! With our usual summer heat and clay soils sprinkler systems are needed to supplement rainfall in order to keep your lawn and landscape alive and thriving.

Four Health Factors

While there are multiple factors that contribute to a thriving, healthy lawn and landscape on the simplistic side of things, a beautiful thriving lawn and landscape requires four key components:

  • Correct amount of Sunlight
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Correct amount of Water
  • Proper Cultural Practices (maintenance practices, proper planting, right plant for the area, etc.)

Sprinkler Installation and Repair in Houston

Let’s Talk Sprinklers.

When working with the CLS Lawn Care team, your lawn and landscape is our priority. We are committed to providing our members with the highest quality service and products at a fair affordable price. We offer complete sprinkler system installation as well as repairs.

A professional high quality sprinkler system will take the chore out of ensuring your lawn and landscape is being properly watered with the right amount at the right time!

Sprinkler Installation and Repair Houston

High Quality Sprinkler Systems

A sprinkler system only works as well as the materials and workmanship behind the system and its important to find a licensed irrigator that offers reputable work with a guaranteed and system warranty. Now lets talk about what makes a professional high quality sprinkler system.

  • Quality of materials used to create the system
  • Proper Sprinkler Zone types and Zone Layout
  • A sprinkler system controller best suited for you and your lawn

The CLS Team understands the importance of high-quality workmanship and materials, we guarantee our work to be of the highest standards at a affordable price.

CLS Lawn offers a wide range of landscaping and lawn care services, including seasonal landscaping, mowing and maintenance, aeration and composting, and fertilization and weed control. Contact us online or call (832) 554-9811 for a free estimate.