When you want lawn care specialists who will work hard to make your lawn look its finest, look no further than CLS Lawn Care. From landscaping to aeration and fertilization to irrigation, we have your lawn covered. For a free estimate, contact us online or call (832) 554-9811.

No Contracts

Lets face it, contracts stink! When working with us we understand life happens and you will never ask you to sign a contract!


Simply put, we do what we say we are going to do when we said we are going to do it. We take caring for your home & lawn very serious, you can count on us to always be there for you.

Estimates in 48 Hours or Less

To be expected to wait multiple days for an estimate in today’s busy world is crazy! At CLS we promise to provide your lawn care estimate in 48 hours or less for any recurring services.

Billing Made Easy

Long gone are the days of having to remember to leave a check under the front mat or having to run to the bank to get cash out for your lawn care services! We make billing easy by placing your card securely on file and invoicing your payment following your chosen billing method. We follow strict security protocols when dealing with payment information and are PCI-DSS compliant ensuring your card information remains safe from theft and cyber attacks.

We offer two billing options:

Balance Billing:
We take the estimated average of services and balance the cost out into 12 easy monthly installments.

Pay Per Service:
Upon completion of the service you will be invoiced and billed the following day in full.


When it comes to your home, security is an increasingly important in today’s world. At CLS we take the extra steps necessary to help keep your home and family protected! You can expect all CLS team members to meet following requirements: Criminal Background Checks, Legal Citizen of the great United States of America, Continueual Drug Testing, English speaking, Fully Uniformed.

Consistent Quality

We PROUDLY promote our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are so sure you will absolutely love our service that we can offer this guarantee: “You must be absolutely ecstatic with our services! If for any reason you feel you’re not 100% happy with our work, we won’t be happy either. We won’t rest until we make it right. We will send our team to fix the problem, if its still not good enough, we will pay a competitor to fix it for us.”

Specialized Services

Everyone knows the jack of all trades, good at everything but great at nothing! At CLS we may not offer every service but we are the best at what we do offer. We commit ourselves to continual training and education to keep our skills honed and knowledge ever growing.

Legal, Insured, Tax Paying Company

Unlike a lot of our competitors when you hire CLS Lawn Care you can rest easy that your hiring a real company and not a chuck in a truck. We are fully insured, tax paying LLC. Being a legitimate company ensures we will be around for a long time to come, we will hire the best team members, and we will not run away but instead run towards any problems that might occur.

We Actually Care

Thank you for being what makes our company great! The unfortunate truth is companies that care are few and far between these days. At CLS we are actually here for you and constantly requesting, reviewing, and improving based on your feedback. We look forward to holding a long lasting relationship with you!

We Answer Our Phones

It’s unfortunate that 85% of service based companies don’t answer their phones. At CLS you can count on us answering our phone and being available to help you when you need us.

Triple Gate Check Guarantee

Having your gate left open and having a furry family member run off after a long day is the last thing anyone wants to deal with! We take closing and locking your gates very seriously. Our team members are trained to follow a Triple Gate Check Process so we can ensure your furry family members and your home remain safe.

A Resource for You

We are here to share our knowledge with you and help any way possible. Whether we work for you or not, if you have any questions or need advice on a project you can contact us any time!